Saturday, September 28, 2013

Digital wallpaper in my future house

When I build my own house I don't want to paint the walls. I want to have digital wallpaper covering all of the walls from top to bottom. Therefore, with the press of a button, I will be able to change the color of the walls and add pictures to the walls without needing a hammer or nail. I could drag as many pictures, decorations, and TVs to the walls. Decorating will be fun and seamless. Watching football games will be awesome as you can drag as many TVs, allowing you to watch different games at the same time. This is the future and I am excited!

Interactive 'wallpaper' screens are the future of TV

Nanotech walls and printed TVs will be in your living room in 5 years

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Re-visioning the United States Library System

I love books and the idea of the public library. But lately, the library has become as outdated as Border's Bookstores. It's time to change. Technology keeps evolving faster than you can say 'slow down' and books continue releasing new versions to accommodate for the fast evolving information. For example, if I am trying to learn about Apple iOS 6, my library may have a book on the first version of the iPhone... if I'm lucky. Creating a learning gap between those that rely on free books and those that can afford the most updated information.

An idea for a new library system that saves our government money and evolves with the fast changing technology would be to purchase the domain name and upload all the books there for any US Resident to access. We could then downscale most of our libraries to hold computers, kindles, and iPads where users could rent the devices for free or use them at the library. The libraries would still have desks for studying and meeting rooms for private study. Perhaps Private Bay is our most efficient public library?

This could save the US a significant amount of money and produce a more efficient and free learning platform, which was the initial intent of the public library system.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Apple Needs to Get in the Furniture Business

We have become accustomed to Apple leading product innovation but lately they have fallen behind. Google is stepping up where Apple has fallen behind with their wearable technology such as Google Glass and not to mention Google's driverless cars. However, Apple has an edge where Google doesn't and that is in design. Which is why they are positioned perfectly to take the lead again in tech furniture design. For example, a coffee table that has a large iPad embedded within it. You could play board games on it, read magazines, surf the net, change your TV channels, etc. There are companies that are attempting to get into this space, but the touch screen is not as smooth as the iPad and the design is not as beautiful (i.e. minimalist) as an Apple product. Why Apple is not getting into the furniture business, I do not know. What I do know is that I would line up to buy this coffee table right now.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Thoughts on Where We Came From

Ever since I was very little I used to wonder and think about matter and my consciousness. Why is it that my arm moves when I want it to move? Thoughts that I'm sure every human being has at some point in their lives. Such as where did we come from and where are we going? Some thoughts, however, I will never forget because it was more of a feeling than a thought. You know those feelings that bring back memories. I can still remember the way I felt, it's a feeling that I fight to never forget.

I remember when I was a toddler, I was so happy to be in the physical world. I would hold a glass in my hand and just be so content holding the glass because it was a physical, mass object. At night when my mom tucked me in, I would scream out a high pitched "eeee!" and kick my legs up an down because I was so happy to be in the physcial world. Which makes me wonder, if I was so happy to be in the physical world, where was I before? I must have been in the unphysical world. What is the opposite of physical and mass? That is were I was.

What if we all come from a nonphysical place where all souls are one. We are all one giant soul in space. What if Earth is just a game to sidetrack us from the fact that we are all alone in space because we are all one in the same.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Biggest Mistake Retailers Are Making Online: Not Thinking Like a Startup

Retailers can learn a thing or two about their online websites. They are still designing websites as though we were living in the year 2005. Customers do not want to click through 10 links to get to their final destination. It is about having an impecable search engine, hovering cursor, and most importantly... continuous scroll.

New websites such as Pinterest,, Groupon, and many more startups have one thing in common and that is the continuous scroll. The continuous scroll allows customers to get lost in their products and discover new things that they did not know they wanted. Retailers with an online presence need to pay attention. If you compare the user experience of vs., there is a significant difference. is designed to find a specific item by clicking through various links vs. is designed to discover something new that you did not know you wanted. This is the reason Pinterest is such a sensation. You can just scroll and scroll for hours.

If I was a retailer with an online presence, I would be taking incredibly interesting photographs that allow customers to get lost with their products, implement the continuous scroll, and link up those amazing photographs to Pinterest that when clicked on, takes the customer to the purchasing page.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Idea for Google+

Hi Google+,

I know you want to compete with Facebook - well here is your competitive advantage: Facebook is currently charging users $1 to send people messages that they are not friends with. Your competitive advantage could be to do this as well, but give the user $0.50 and you profit $0.50. So splitting the $1 with the person that they want to contact. You could also have users set their own price, so someone that may not want to be bothered very often by people that they do not know could charge $20 vs. $1... and the same rule applies, the company and the person split the profits 50/50.

You can also give advertisers important information on targeting specific people, such as how many connections they have, how many times they interact, etc... and advertisers may choose to target higher priced people because they are more popular on the network and more influential.

I'm sure this could get a lot of publicity and get people to switch to your platform.

Just a thought.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Got 99 Problems & Owning a Car ain't One!

People (especially young people) have woken up to the realization that cars are just not cool anymore. Here are some reasons why the current generation hates being car dependent.

Cars are another responsibility. We already have so much to be responsible for and cars add another responsibility to our ever busy lives. If a car breaks down it needs maintenance, you need to get it's oil checked, you have to take time to feed it with gas, etc.

Cars kill our environment. The more reliant we are on cars, the more we kill our planet. The solution is not the electric car. The solution is moving to places that are walkable. Check out this awesome website next time you want to move somewhere to determine the walkability of your new neighborhood:

Cars kill people. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 32,000 people die in a car accident EACH YEAR. That is insane. That's the amount of people living in a large suburb/small city that die each year.

The expense of a car. When you add up all of the expenses of having ownership of a car, (gas, insurance, car payments) that job in the suburbs suddenly does not pay as much as you initially thought.

Cars reduce walking, which make you lazy and fat. Some people still walk at the gym on a treadmill... but that is boring and inefficient. Imagine if you can walk 1 mile to work everyday in 20 minutes, not only are you getting exercise but you are also using that time to get to work, hence, killing two birds with one stone and being EFFICIENT with your most valuable asset, your time. When you walk to a destination you get both exercise and FREE transportation.

Car Dependent suburbs. Sorry but I don't want to get in a car everytime I want to go somewhere. What's next? Getting in a car to go to the bathroom? Seriously, but no thanks. Not to mention you can't even have a couple of glasses of wine at a restaurant because then you have to get in the car to drive home.

Traffic. Think about all that time and money wasted waiting in hours of traffic. If companies don't build their offices in places where people can walk to work, then they are doing a diservice to themselves with the amount of hours lost on commuting to and from work. Google is a company that is doing it right. They provide employees with a "Google Bus" wired with internet so employees can start their workday the minute they set foot inside the Google Bus.

These are just some of the reasons that our current generation isn't as excited about cars as previous generations have been. Not one reason in particular, but a combination of these reasons could leave people wondering... is owning a car truly worth it?