Saturday, September 22, 2012

Suppressing Suburbs

I did not realize how much I disliked the suburbs until I moved to downtown Chicago - where I finally felt alive and closer to my authentic self. When I was living in the suburbs I felt as though life was passing me by before my eyes and I walked around in a "dream-like" stage (constantly zoning out) because my dreams were far more interesting than my reality.

I lived in the suburbs most of my life. At least the part of my life that I remember most. When I was 12 years old I moved to the suburbs of Cincinnati and stayed there until I went to college. After college I got a job 50 miles outside of downtown Chicago and moved to the suburbs again for another two years.

My reality was surrounded by cookie cutter houses with cookie cutter lawns and cookie cutter cars. The stores were the same and the restaurants were all chains. What happened to being unique? It was not a stimulating place to live and I felt as though I was losing my true self. Everyone seemed happy and living in the "now" and I was living in my dreams.

Now that I am living in the city I feel alive again. I walk out my door and have a passion for life again. There are so many different restaurants, different stores, more uniqueness and less redundancy. I am no longer walking around in a dream like stage because I am finally living my dreams.

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