Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Last Box

So, the moment has come where I am down to one box left to unpack. I moved to my new apartment two months ago from the suburbs of Chicago to the heart of downtown and yes, it has taken me two months to unpack this last box. I unpacked everything else within a couple weeks of moving in, but for some reason I could not get myself to unpack this last box. I think a part of me was curious to see how much I needed this box. Could I live without it and for how long?

The truth is that yes, I can live without it. The only reason I am tempted to unpack it now is because my dad is coming to visit me. We live in a world of exuberence where we think that more is better, but in reality, the more things we have, the more responsibility we have. And who likes that? I'm not irresponsible by any means but there is something to be said about the freedom and lightness of not having so much "stuff." To know that you can pick and go wherever you want with only a few important belongings. Not being tied down to one location forever.

Selling my car this year was one of the most liberating moments in my life. I have had a car since I turned 16 and I used to see car ownership as freedom, but the more I realized it, having a car was not freedom at all. It was a burden. Not only was it a financial burden on my life, but it was just something else I had to worry about. Not only did I have to pay for my car payment, insurance, and ever rising gas, but I also had to remember to change the tags, change the oil, and everything else that comes with car ownership. The way I see it is like this: we only have so much space in our "memory box" and I choose not to fill it up by remembering when to change the oil of my car; instead, I will fill it up by remembering a friend's birthday.

I am now tempted to take that last box to the nearest donation center and never look back. If I have gone two months without it, why open it now?

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