Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trust me on Sugarfish

Sugarfish is by far my favorite sushi restaurant. Now, I haven't been to Asia yet, so I'm sure it will change after a trip to Japan, but for now, Sugarfish is my favorite. Sugarfish is located in Los Angeles, California (Address: 600 W 7th St. Ste 150). The menu is simple and the prices are extremely reasonable.

The "Trust Me" on the menu for $29.95 is my all time favorite. It is 6 courses of different rolls that the chef has carefully selected. Below is the selection that makes the Trust Me so unforgettable:

Organic Edamame
Fresh and lightly salted edamame.

Tuna Sashimi
The Tuna Sashimi is my favorite. The tuna is delicious in the ponzu sauce, toped with crunchy green onions. 

Albacore Sushi & Salmon Sushi
The Albacore Sushi is on the left and the Salmon Sushi is on the right. The rice is deliciously warm and the sesame on the salmon sushi is a wonderful surprise of flavor. 

Yellowtail Sushi & Halibut Sushiz
More delicious sushi with warm rice for a nice change.

Toro Hand Roll
This roll is cripsy and delicious. You should eat this as soon as it comes out because that is when the seaweed is at its best. 

Blue Crab Hand Roll
Another great hand roll. You can taste the freshness of the seaweed and fish. 

We topped off our food with Nigori's Unfiltered Saki. It's so good, we usually end up having a bottle per person! 

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